Happy Father’s day

The amount of fathers day posts I have seen taking over my social media today is lovely. I think dads in society get heavily overlooked at their amazing parenting skills. I know without a shadow of a doubt I have the best dad.

Want to know why I can make you laugh at stupid jokes? Because I grew up with my dad, him telling me stupid, sarcastic jokes every day to make me smile.  Why am I sarcastic? Because of my dad. Literally every thing I am today is because of him. When my mum walked out and left us, my dad was all I had left. Although he worked a lot to put food on the table for me and my brother, he never failed as a parent. Granted, we didn’t see him much, but when we did we were always busy making memories. Theme parks, beach trips, walks around Bushy Park finding conkers, I still remember them like they were yesterday.


My dad has never hesitated to hug me, tell me he loves me or tell me he was angry with me, but most of all he tells me he is proud of me. This never goes unnoticed. It may have done when I was a brat of a teenager, but now I am a parent I can see what he has done for me over the years and I am so grateful. Never did he let his problems worry me, he would (and still does) always find ways to get us the expensive Christmas and birthday presents that were all the range, my first mobile- Nokia 3310 (epic phone!), my first TV, my playstation one, the list goes on.

Not only is he my dad but he is my mum too. It takes a real dad to accept the role of being a mum too and thats exactly what he done. He would be there for me, through all the breakup’s with boyfriends, all the arguments with my friends, he would take me out clothes shopping, he would buy me make up, everything that girls usually do with their mums. He wasn’t embarrassed at all, and neither was I.

He has an amazing bond with both of my children and I am lucky that they have such an amazing grandad in their lives. My dad’s dad died a long time before I was born so unfortunately I never got to meet my grandad and build up that bond, so I am blessed that Oscar and Luna have that opportunity. My dad helps me on how to be a mum to my two, he gives me advice on Oscar and Luna, tells me if he would do things differently to how I am and I take it all on board because if I’m half the parent my dad is to me, then I know that I have done it right.

Thank you dad for being you. I don’t know what I would do without you.

I love you.




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