It’s happening again…

Three months ago I thought this was a thing of the past, but no, it’s back and wow am I losing it!

Of course I’m talking about poo withholding. I diliberatly refrained from writing about how well he was coping with it all a few months back, but now it’s all changed I guess I can go into more detail.

Three months ago, Oscar decided to just go to the toilet all by himself, no dramas, no biting, no hitting and it was amazing. It was like a switch had gone off in his head and he was over it. He was going every day, and was being much better behaved. Maybe I got too used to it and jinxed it somehow? Then it slowly started to change about two weeks ago. He started to hold it in and would go every other day. I knew this was it and soon I would be back on here writing a blog whilst I’m pulling my hair out. Why is he doing it again?

I can’t even tell you the amount of praise we were giving him as he was going. Pocket money, stickers, new toys, literally everything you could think of. Why would he want to give all that back up? I can’t even figure out why he is doing it again. Nothing has changed. Originally it all started because it was painful once, and that sort of scarred him for life and he would hold it in as he was too scared to go thinking it would hurt him every time, which it would because he would hold it in for so long, and the cycle just continued like that until now.

Movicol, he was on and we weaned him off like that we were advised too over a year ago. Lactulose doesn’t work. Oscar must have some of the strongest bum muscles ever! Still after three days straight of lactulose he can manage to hold it in. Then we have come to the conclusion it’s psychological, and no diet changing or medication can help him with that.

He is three. Fully potty trained during the day and completely dry at night. He did this when he was in nappies so it’s not a fear of the toilet. Maybe I’m expecting too much of him? I mean is it normal that three year olds do this? I’ve heard poo withholding is much more common in boys, I kind of hope that’s true because I can’t go through this with Luna as well. I’ve tried reading books about it but they all end up saying to use movicol or alternatives.

I really thought I was past all this and now I’m dreading every day that he doesn’t poo. I can see the anxiety building up as the days go by. He will fidget uncontrollably, and will strain but it’s strains of him holding it in. I’ve tried to stay relaxed, I’ve tried the harsh approach and I’ve tried talking to him, but still nothing. At the moment we are on day three of him not going and he won’t walk, is ridiculously stroppy and having tantrums left right and centre. Maybe I’m a bad mum? Maybe it’s for attention? Please someone give me advice. Will he ever snap out of it?


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