Oscar turned three!

Yesterday my not so baby boy turned three! 

Originally we were going to go to Legoland, Windsor. Apparently as its not peak season they decide to close it two days a week, yesterday happened to be one of them. After breaking the news to Oscar we couldn’t go to Legoland I had to come up with an alternative fun and exciting day out. Peppa Pig World it is! With Luna staying at home with the mother in law, we set off.

The weather was horrendous. Torrential rain all day, I mean it didn’t even stop at all. Wellies, waterproofs, umbrellas, spare clothes and those stupid poncho things you buy that make it look like you’re wearing a bin bag, we were kitted out for the day ahead. On arrival I was surprised to see the car park surprisingly busy, considering the washout weather.


Oscar has never been on rides before so we weren’t really sure how he would react, but I have never seen him so happy and excited before. We took it slow to start with and took him on the really, boring and slow rides. Then we upped our game and took him on his first roller-coaster. He was giggling the whole way round, so much so that he wanted to go on it again. I must be getting old because I don’t remember kids rides being as quick as what they are! Even I got excited about them! (Note to self : Get out more! A lot more!)

18491831_10212869492954917_8292364771316499349_o           17761106_10212869496555007_1141337046131987936_o

To dry off we went into a 4D cinema. Oscar loves films and I’m quite lucky that he will sit through a film quietly and watch it, it was trying to get him to wear the 4D glasses that was the issue. Once he saw everyone else wearing them he was fine. We watched this film about turtles, and fish. He was giggling the whole way through and he was trying to grab sea horses and fish as they came towards him. His face was a picture the whole way through.


All in all I would thoroughly recommend Peppa pig world especially in the rain. The staff were really good and got a towel out to dry most of the seats on the rides before we sat down. Also with it raining we didn’t have to queue at all to go on any of the rides, which was brilliant for an excited toddler who had literally no patience that day. It goes to show you can have a really good day whatever the weather, and after all Oscar thought the muddy puddles were all part of Peppa pig world.

18489759_10212869494394953_6442664830497508882_o     18489819_10212869500515106_7423727648242363873_o



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