What the **** do I do?

And I’m back here again asking for more advice because I just can’t do it anymore. 

Why does Oscar keep doing it? Where does he see the logic in holding his poo’s in?

Today has been a pretty shit day for me anyway (no pun intended), low mood and depression really playing up but yet again Oscar is STILL having problems going for a poo. I don’t even feel embarrassed writing this post anymore because its got to the point where I am screaming and begging for help.

He will soon be three which means this has been happening for almost two fucking years (there will be a lot of swearing, so I apoligise now) He went through a stage, just before Christmas where he was going every other day and I finally thought we had conquered it, clearly not. He was probably doing that for the ‘if you do a poo today Santa will get you another present’ bribe I used every time I wanted him to go. Now that Christmas has ended the old antics are back.

Its been four days now since his last movement and my God do I know about it! Its got to the usual stage of constant ‘mooing’, excessive wind, which by the way no matter where we are he will announce it to everyone and he can barely walk or stand up properly. He clearly isn’t comfortable which is why this is so frustrating!

I resorted into putting him on the toilet earlier as I know he needs to go and I thought maybe with a bit of encouragement and bribery of him getting a new sticker when he’s been might work, but today he has learnt a new trick. I put him on the toilet to which it usually ends with him crying and screaming hysterically, I am surprised my neighbours haven’t called the social with the amount of screams they hear him do, and him saying ‘go away mummy.’ So as he was getting so worked up to the point where he was nearly vomiting I left him to it. All went quiet, which in toddler world means they are up to no good. I went back to check on him to find he has pissed on the floor on purpose and was laying in it. Took his wet clothes off and stayed strong and put him back on the toilet. He got off again, although this time no wee, but still I went back and put him back on the toiler without saying a word and left again. I must of done this about fifteen times. He wasn’t even trying to go, usually he will push and it will happen but hes not even pushing anymore. How on earth do I get him to push?

He still isn’t on his movicol as like I have said in my previous blog about this, the bowel becomes reliant on it and it makes the problem worse in the long run, hence all this drama now. We have given him lactulose, even resorted into giving a bit more than the recommended dose. It worked for a little bit as it softened it so it didn’t hurt him but now he is back to his usual ways. It’s all psychological, and for that I assume it will just take time. I am losing my mind. His moods are demonic, and no, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve never seen behavior like it. He hits, bites, screams blue murder and is just generally naughty. I can’t punish him because I know its because he needs to poo and I don’t want to associate it with stress. I just want him to be ‘normal’ and go to the toilet. He wee’s on the toilet with no problem at all, it is literally just his poo’s.

From my previous blog posts I have seen that this is quite common, especially in boys. Have any of you got any advice for me, even though it is psychological. Is there a therapy for it? Should I get him referred to see a specialist at a hospital? I just don’t know anymore. I want it sorted before he starts infant school, it’s already affecting his days at pre-school. Please someone give me some reassurance that it gets better. I wouldn’t wish the poo withholding stage on anyone. I really hope Luna doesn’t follow in his footsteps with this, I don’t think I could handle two children doing it. I know I should stay calm but we all have that limit, and to be honest after the day I’ve had today I’ve reached it.



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