Early weaning advice

I thought I’d ask if any other mothers have been told to wean their child early so they can put on weight? 

I never had any problems with Oscar and waited until he was five and a half months before I weaned him, even then looking back, I probably could of waited until he was six months old, so early weaning is a new thing for me.

As Luna has her reflux and milk intolerance so she is on a lactose free milk which isn’t as fattening as regular breast or formula milk, she isn’t putting the weight on quick enough, according to the health visitors and her dietician. I got her weighed on Friday and she was 11lb a month ago, and is now 13lb. To me thats not bad at all, but when you get told that they aren’t putting it on as quickly as they would like, it automatically makes me think its my fault and she isn’t getting enough nutrition. To be honest she is ridiculously lanky so that probably doesn’t help as she is on the 91st centile for height and only 50th centile for weight.

Luna is starting to show signs of getting ready for solids, chewing, her tongue is back in her mouth, watching us when we eat etc. The dietician told us to start her on solids from when she is four months old, so in a weeks time. I have researched a lot and read that you aren’t supposed to start them until six months old on solids because their digestive systems aren’t fully developed and can cause problems with bowels etc. Which as you all know from Oscar and his problems, I do not need any more poo related problems. I just wondered if any other parents who had to early wean had any problems etc. To me it doesn’t seem essential that she needs to start them yet as she is still putting on weight and isn’t below average.

All health visitors and other medical professionals will say different things so I thought its better to ask other people who have been through and experienced it themselves. I welcome your advice and hopefully it can help me make my mind up with what to do with Luna.

Is it too early to say ‘Merry Christmas?’ tough, I’ve already said it!



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