Neocate, Gaviscon, Omeprazole, and Ranitidine, how much more crap?

So I thought I’d write this blog all about Luna and her severe reflux and milk intolerance.

I know as a mother this is reasonably common, but with Oscar I never had any these problems. Oscar was never sick, even normal baby sick was non existent. I didn’t really expect any problems with Luna, maybe colic as Oscar had a little bit of that, but I was not prepared for the whirlwind Luna would throw at us.

She was fine for the first week or so of her life, but after that she would scream in pain,  projectile vomit and she was just an unhappy baby. Luckily she was born in August because the amount of washing I needed to do was ridiculous, at least it would dry reasonably quick. After about four weeks old I decided that something wasn’t quite right. I know babies can be sick but this was on a whole different level, I had never seen anything like it.

The doctor prescribed gaviscon as she thought it was just a little bit of reflux but as she was so young the symptoms hadn’t developed fully. I was excited that she might finally be happy when she feeds and I would have a comfortable and happy baby again. Wrong! Gaviscon just made her sick thicker, she was still in pain, still being sick.

I took her back to the doctors, this time it was a different doctor so I could get a second opinion. She said it was a milk intolerance. She prescribed a milk called nutramigen and told us to not give her normal formula’s anymore to see if that would help, and to stick with giving her the gaviscon. I left her on it for a week as the doctor suggested it would take a while for it to get in her system properly. This still didn’t work, she was still being sick and I mean still projectile.

I went back to the same doctor and explained the situation she changed her milk again and this time put her on nutramigen puramino and also prescribed ranitidine. She explained this one was completely lactose free. Why the hell she didn’t do this in the first place I have no idea, seeing as Luna has a lactose intolerance!? She also referred Luna to a pediatric dietitian. The puramino milk was the worst she had been given. I’ve never seen her in so much pain. She would scream throughout the day, nothing would comfort her. It caused her so much wind and diarrhea. The ranitidine made her vomit more than what she was previously too. I was at my wits end, why couldn’t I feed my daughter and take away her pain? I couldn’t feed her in public because I was scared by being judged by the way Luna would scream and vomit, I couldn’t carry on like this. We got a dietitian appointment reasonably quick and I explained what the milk was doing to her and she changed it to Neocate. She also told us to wean her early from four months old, if she is ready, so she can put the weight on. I have never wanted weaning to come around so quickly before. The dietitian is pretty certain that she will grow out of the reflux and milk intolerance eventually but it’s a long process.

The neocate formula seems to be working much better and isn’t causing her pain. But she was and still is being sick. The dietitian told me to have a follow up appointment at the doctors to get her weighed etc. The doctor said she was alert, hydrated all the usual and hadn’t lost any weight. I told her she was still being sick and she prescribed yet more medication, this time it was omeprazole. I must admit it took a while before we noticed any sort of improvement, and even now she has only been on it about four weeks. She is definitely happier, and is being sick a lot less. She still has her bad days and can get through two outfits a day, but I think this is the best we will get it now.

Any other mums been through this and come out the other side? Do they grow out of it? I’m fed up of smelling like sick and having crust in my hair from the sick I’ve somehow missed!


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