Update since yesterdays blog…

What a f*****g day!

So Oscar still failed to go for a poo last night before bed, which resulted in a pretty crappy night with him crying every hour in pain but still refusing to go. On the plus side Luna slept all night through! 🙂

He finally fell asleep at probably 4 am and slept until 8.30 this morning. This morning all he did was cry and kept telling me that he needed a poo. Luna was also a pain in the arse pretty much all day, major screaming fits. Her two bottom teeth are close to poking through so I think that is it.

Oscar sat on the toilet and credit to him, he did try and go but eventually gave up. So I carried on as normal, trying not to stress about it (I was screaming in my head) and made him some lunch, which he was eating and finished most of it. Then he ran off to the toilet and FINALLY after about 20 mins of him screaming the house down, and Luna doing it at the same time, he went. Again I am not exaggerating it was the length of my forearm, and there was a lot of blood. At the time I sent my best friend a picture and even she was shocked at the size of it. I took pictures so I can take them to the doctors so they don’t just fob me off and actually do something to solve the problem and not put him back on sodding movicol.

After twelve attempts to get the lazy receptionists to pick up the phone at the doctors, the earliest appointment they have is next Monday. Dan went to the pharmacy this evening and spoke to them about it, surprisingly a lot more helpful than previous doctors have been and encouraged us to keep him off of the movicol. They have told us to give him some lactulose to soften them so at least then when they are soft it shouldn’t be painful and he shouldn’t be able to hold them in as long as this will make him want to go more. She agreed that it was psychological and that is why she thinks if the stools are softer for now it will encourage him to go more frequently as he wont be scared. I’m not a very optimistic person so I don’t think this will work, maybe it will just take a long time, who knows? I am willing to try it and see what happens.

Also I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to look at my previous blog. The amount of messages I have received from other parents experiencing the same problems, and offering me advice is overwhelming. I am really grateful and feel a thousand times better knowing that I’m not the only one out there going through it. Anyone else had any experience with lactulose with their toddlers? How did it go?

His mood is completely back to normal now he has been happy and playing. Just wish he would stay this way.




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