What did you do at the weekend?

So, we didn’t go to the zoo or farm today it was bad enough venturing out just to pick up some trousers for Luna. Who am I supposed to deal with first when they are both screaming? One toddler screaming because he wanted chicken nuggets, he got chicken nuggets, then didn’t want them, and one baby screaming, well because that’s just what they do.

Oscar’s moods are all over the place at the moment, I’m not ashamed to admit I can’t handle them. I think every parent feels like that, or at least I hope I’m not the only one to feel this way. Luna is teething, probably why she is so irritable at the moment. To be fair, Luna wasn’t that bad today, she only woke for feeds then had a bit of a moan and then fell asleep again.

After a thirty minute drive in traffic, because every twat has decided to go out Christmas shopping and for some reason that makes them incapable of driving, we eventually arrived to pick up some trousers for Luna. I realised this morning as she has just gone up a size in clothes she has no warm trousers that fit her anymore. Go in the shop, and Oscar decides he needs a wee. Still reasonably new to not wearing nappies, he’s not very good at holding it in. Dan (hubby) runs with him to the nearest toilet and just makes it in time, thank god! I had no other clothes packed for him, it’s bad enough remembering everything for Luna. So I venture round the shop to find Luna some trousers. Apparently girls don’t wear trousers anymore, only thin leggings and tights. Then just as I’ve picked up the last in her size of some tights, she decides she is ravenous and needs feeding immediately. Back to the car I go, without the tights.  Dan finally comes back with Oscar who has seen a pet shop and needs to see the animals immediately. He is THE most impatient toddler in the world and if I tell him to wait he will just scream “no” and melt in a heap on the floor, another phase of the terrible two’s I assume. Anyway we finally got Luna some new tights and Oscar got to see the animals.

To be honest apart from the chicken nugget tantrum he has been pretty good today. I knew  going from one to two children would be challenging, but that’s not really what the problem is. The issue is these tantrums and mood swings. Oscar also has the tendency  to repeat EVERYTHING! Literally will keep saying the same sentence over again until we answer him, and I mean up to ten times, difficult when he makes up words and I somehow have to be fluent in gibberish!

Tomorrow they are both having a day with their three cousins. 5 children all under the age of 5, shit. It will be my two that will cause the problems too.

Before you all judge me and think I don’t discipline, I do. We introduced the naughty step from when Oscar was 13 months old, that’s how long these have been going on for. I will leave him on it for about five minutes and then he will come and say sorry, all is fine until about five minutes later and he will go back to doing the next pain in the arse thing. I don’t know what the next step is for punishment. I used to get smacked when I was little but that’s such a taboo subject and illegal these days that even thinking about it and you’re considered ‘ the world’s worst parent.’ Sometimes he gets so bad I have to let my hubby take over with punishing him because I get so frustrated, angry and then I get to the point where I just want to cry and of course he picks up on it and the tantrums just escalate. I don’t know how you single parent’s cope, especially with more than one child, I couldn’t do it  on my own, I struggle whilst Dan is at work. I think you are amazing and emotionally you must be some of the strongest people in the world. Please give me some encouragement that it gets better? I wish I could give you advice but I am struggling with it myself.

I can, hand on heart, say that my newborn is a lot easier than my two and half year old. Keep pushing on parents! We will not let our ‘little darlings’ be the boss of us.



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