Today has been a good day!


So today something strange happened.

Oscar has had no tantrums and has been the most helpful toddler I could ask for, its completely baffled me. I always find it really strange when he is good because that’s not how I plan the day, I don’t ever plan our days around him being good. Instead when I’m planning the day I always wonder how many tantrums I will get today and then go off the idea of venturing out so I don’t get the looks of “why wont your child stop screaming?” or “you’re not disciplining your child right”.

It makes me appreciate the good days a lot more when I have so many bad ones. When I say so many bad ones, I mean, 6 days out of 7 are awful. When you have a baby going-on toddler everyone always says “beware of the terrible two’s” but they never elaborate on what it would actually be like, but then I guess no one can prepare you for them, although a little heads up that I would become a parent to half pint Satan would have been appreciated. I never expected such moods and aggression from a two-year old. How, just how, can someone so small and inexperienced with lifes actual problems, have so much hatred and anger towards pointless things?! Does it actually ever end? I remember when I was growing up I was horrible, I mean I still can be now. Shit. This is it for the rest of my life isn’t it? The term “It’s just a phase” is all a facade isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong I love Oscar more than anything but when we have a tantrum free day I somehow manage to love him that extra bit. That extra bit of love must be stored away somewhere and only I can feel it when we have a good day. We are planning a day out on Saturday to some sort of farm or zoo (weather depending, this is England after all) I am almost certain he will have at least five tantrums. I think something just clicks in his brain and says ‘we are out in public, I must have a meltdown and lay on the floor and cause the biggest scene possible,’ I hate to say it but I hope others are going through this too. I need a team backing me on this one. What do you do? Lay down and join them? Leave them? Pick them up all embarrassed and tell them how silly they look, when in actual fact the child doesn’t care how he looks and its more you feeling the eyes burning into you as you walk away carrying the child, somewhere between a headlock and a fire mans lift with screams that could get you imprisoned for manslaughter!

Anyway, wish me luck for Saturday. Writing this about his tantrums is putting me off the idea somewhat… Oh well, the show must go on, I mean how bad can it be, right?


2 thoughts on “Today has been a good day!

    1. It’s a nightmare! I have no idea how to solve it. I’m booking him a doctors apt this week and will go from there but no doubt they will just fob me off. I can’t believe how much of a common problem this is yet no one seems to have had much luck with getting it solved.


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